Keiji Oda

From Lannet, the swordsman is of slightly above average build and stature, but restrains the great strength within.


Life Points: 120
Class: WeaponMaster
Base Presence: 30
STR: 9 (10) DEX: 10 (15) AGI: 9 (10) CON: 8 (10)
POW: 4 (-5) INT: 5 (0) WILL: 5 (0) PER: 8 (+10)
PhR: 40 MR: 30 PsR: 25
VR: 40 DR: 40

Initiative: Unarmed, no Armor 80, Unarmed w/Armor 60, Katana w/armor 40, +5 dagger W/A 65
Weapons. Katana D 50/80 Sp 0 Str 5/6 Pr. Cut Sec. Impact Fort 21 Br 18 Pres 40
Scimitar D 50/70 sp -5 Str 5 Pr. Cut Sec. Impact Fort 23 Br 9 Pres 20
+5 Dagger D 40/60 sp +25 Str 3 Pr. Thrust Sh. Ar. Fort 20 Br 3 Pres 65 Range 20m Rof 50
Chakram D 40/60 sp 0 Str S Pr. Throw Special Fort 9 BR 2 Pres 20 Range 30m Rof 80
Long Bow D – Sp -30 Str 7 Pr. Proj Two Handed Fort 8 Br-2 Pres 20 Range 60m Rel. 1
Lance D 40 Sp +5 Str 4/6 Pr. Thrust Pole Fort 13 Br 2 Pres 25 Range 30m Rof 80

Attack Ability: 55
Defense Ability: 55 block, 25 Dodge
Damage: 50 unarmed, 80 katana.
Wear Armor: 55
Armor +5 Armored Long Coat. +5 Hardened Leather Armor. Breastplate\not equipped.
AT: W +5 Soft and Hard armor. Cut 4, Imp 3, Thr 4, Heat 4, Ele 4, Cold 4, Ene 2

MK: 10/lvl Current 20
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Increased Damage, Physical Shield, Increased Speed, Energy Armor. Elemental Damage-Earth
Ki Accumulations: Agi/1 Con/1 Dex/2 Str/1 Pow/1 Wp/1
Ki Points: 47

Size: 17 Regeneration: 2
Movement Value: 105 ft. Fatigue: 8

Secondary abilities “Trained”: Acro/17 Athlet/15 Climb/15 Jump/20 Ride/25 Swim/15
Composure/10 Feats of Str/35 Withst. Pain/10, Notice/20 Search/11 Track/11
Animals/2 Herbal/4 Med/3 Mem/2 Navig/3 Style/3 Hide/12 Forging35/sw75 Sl.O Hand/60

Modules, Weapon- Nomad, Iai Jutsu, Graceful Parry.

Martial Arts. Shotokan, Aikido

Ki Abilities.
Use of Ki: Allows the Use of Ki, 40mk
Presence Extrusion: This allows a character to create an invisible aura of Ki around themself. In this manner, they can touch pure energy or intangible elements; Such as fire, spectral beings, or even magic. In Combat with this they may injure beings only vulnerable to supernatural attacks, up to a value of twice his Presence. I.E. A presence of 30, could potentially damage a creature as though using a weapon of a presence of value 60. The ability also allows characters to repel supernatural effects with the block ability or even slash a fireball in half. 10mk
Energy Armor: This ability allows a character to use their aura as a spiritual shield against esoteric effects and pure energy based attacks. Energy Armor grants a natural AT of 2 against Energy. Although it counts as armor, one does not suffer penalties for using additional layers of protection.10mk
Aura Extension: This ability allows a character to extend his aura towards his weapon as if it were a natural extension of himself. This Grants the possibility of damaging energy as if it were a mystical device. These aura-powered weapons can also stop supernatural attacks, and similar effects. Consequently, aura extension increases a weapon’s base damage by 10, and adds 10 to it’s fortitude, and 5 to it’s breakage. The latter ability may also be aplied to armor. If two individuals engage in combat using weapons powered by this ability the clash of their weapons will send out sparks visible to everyone. 10mk
This ability represents that the character has learned to use the flow
of Ki to increase in an inhuman manner his speed and the movement
of the weapons he wields. Consequently, he receives a special bonus of
+10 to his Initiative. Increased speed is also used in unarmed combat.
Requirements: Aura Exension 10mk
The mere residual energy that the character exudes acts like a
physical shield that repels any attack against his body. All hits that lack
the necessary power bounce harmlessly against him without causing the
slightest Damage to him. In game terms, the character gains a natural Damage Barrier the equivalent of his Base Presence. Requirements: Presence Extrusion Cost: 10 MK
This ability amplifies the destructive power of physical energy, elevating by 10 points the Base Damage of the weapon or attack employed. This ability also works with projectiles. Requirements: Aura Extension Cost: 10 MK
The absolute control over the character’s energy allows the
character to bestow an elemental quality to his attacks, causing his
attacks and blows to be innately tied to a certain element. When a
character first develops this ability, he must choose which element he is
attuned to from among the following ones: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Light,
or Darkness. A character who has any kind of imbalance towards an
element (be it magical, racial, or Ki) is obliged to select that element if he
wants to develop this ability. If he wishes it, a character that has decided
on Fire, Air, or Water can use Heat, Electricity, or Cold, respectively, as a
Secondary Damage Type. A character that chooses Earth as an element
will be able to use Impact as a Secondary Damage Type, regardless of
which weapon he uses. If the weapon’s Primary Damage Type is already
Impact, the weapon’s Base Damage increases by 10 points. If he wishes it, a character can choose this ability several times, specializing every time in a different element. Requirements: Aura ExtensionCost: 10 MK


Keiji slept an intense sleep, and had the dream again. More clearly, he recalls it and writes it down in his book.

You stand on the precipice of a great battle. You feet touch air, as you float above the army of your just cause. Drapped in red and carring a sword draped with a crimson and gold colored pennon, your eyes sought out your adversary. He too flew in the wind, radiant wings keeping him perfectly aloft above his forces. You were brothers once, but no more. Today you would avenge your fallen master and rip that Solomon-blooded bastard limb from limb.
He is clad in silvery armor whose sheen has dulled and whose surfaces are painted in blue runes. His hand clenches a weapon of terrible power and magesty: The Hyperion Handcannon. A state of the art, one of a kind weapon which channels the bearer’s very soul into the blasts it creates.

You know your foe. You know yourself. You have nothing to fear this battle.

Keiji Oda

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